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A new Super power that has been changing the way technologies and companies are created

understand why this new super power is revolution in the technology market It is like you can be one of the first to surf this wave.

Watch the free class below and learn:

  1. What is it and how much money has been involved in this revolution;

  2. How people with no technical programming knowledge are creating businesses and earning big with this super power;

  3. How can you be one of the first in the world to surf this revolution and come out ahead.

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The future is technology!

However, only 0.3% of the population knows how to program.

Imagine if only 0.3% of the population could read and write…

What would be the impact of that?

no code startup courses

Demand for programmers continues to grow

FlutterFlow course in code

Development costs have never been higher

no code startup courses

Thousands of companies in urgent need to solve this problem

This opens the door to a new revolution and a great opportunity…

The No-Code Revolution

Development in code

visual development

Develop applications and systems without needing to know how to program

Bubble course in code

Create 10x faster

Develop in days, not months compared to developing with code

FlutterFlow course in code

Resource saving

Time is money, create more with less and maximize your results

The no-code comes with everything to solve this problem.

Innovative platforms allow the creation of applications of visual form (no code), with greater speed and saving money from all parts.

Individuals with no prior programming experience can develop complete applications in a few months.

No-code is the future and the time is now, see some market data:

Globe Newswire projects revenue generated in the U$D181 billion until 2030

No code startup Bubble FlutterFlow AppGyver

By 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by those who are not technology professionals.

Companies already with their eyes on this revolution

And if you're still wondering if this revolution is for you...

Know that no-code comes to empower anyone The develop just about anything.


  1. Delivery apps;
  2. Social networks;
  3. E-commerce and marketplaces;
  4. Course and video management system;
  5. Internal management and automation tools for companies; 
  6. Scheduling systems.

Without no previous experience is at Few months, no years

Harvest the fruits:

  1. Get your application, business, startup or SaaS idea off the ground;
  2. Create apps for the company you work for;
  3. Automate repetitive tasks;
  4. Sell your app creation services;
  5. Work in a company as a no-code developer;
  6. Provide services outside Brazil and earn in dollars;

this all homework in a sector where the reality is already the home office.

Join this revolution today and get ahead with the No-code Start-up training at AppGyver

AppGyver course on code startup

THE only AppGyver training that you will need in life

The No-Code Start-Up method


No code startup Bubble FlutterFlow AppGyver
  1. Focus on fundamentals and best practices;

  2. Methodology based on PBL (problem based learning) – Learning based on problems;

  3. Hands-on training course;

  4. Challenges for consolidating learning;

  5. Dedicated community support;

  6. AppGyver training motto: be the only training you will ever need.
  1. Create free 100% mobile apps;

  2. Develop apps that work offline;

  3. Publish apps on Play Store and App Store;

  4. Perform advanced integrations with APIs;

  5. Tool that belongs to SAP, one of the largest technology companies in the world.


no code appgyver

The AppGyver tool

Inside the training

AZ AppGyver

More than 11 hours of content strategically designed and organized for your evolution in the no-code world and AppGyver technology

nocode fundamentals

AppGyver Fundamentals

Learn the basics of app development and master best practices

nocode design

Design Fundamentals

Learn basic UX/UI concepts essential for app development

Integrations via API's

Master the fundamentals of API integrations and build more complex apps

nocode backend

advanced backend

Master the use of advanced backends to scale your apps.

Applications developed

To-do list app

Gym workout app

Movie app like Netflix and IMDB

Application using Firebase backend

practical challenges

API integration challenge

nocode backend

Xano backed integration challenge

nocode firebase backend

Firebase app challenge

Much more than AppGyver


Platform belonging to Google that aims to facilitate the development of applications.


The most advanced no-code backend today, extremely scalable and performant.

course modules

Class 01 - Introduction to the course
Class 02 - Super initial fundamentals course
                 02.01 How to create apps with AppGyver
                 02.02 AppGyver Course Introduction
                 02.03 Course modules
                 02.04 The Power of AppGyver
                 02.05 Getting to know the tool
                 02.06 How to design and UX an app (Theory)
                 02.07 How to create screens in AppGyver (Practice)
                 02.08 App backend (Theory)
                 02.09 How to create AppGyver database (Practice)
                 02.10 Variables in AppGyver (Theory)
                 02.11 CRUD operations in the app (Practice)
                 02.12 Final details
                 02.13 Completion 


Class 01 - The power of API's
Class 02 - Examples of APIs in practice
Class 03 - Movie app presentation
Class 04 - GET call in AppGyver
Class 05 - Home page design
Class 05 - Movie details screen
Class 06 - Search movie function
Lesson 07 - Navbar and finalization

Class 01 - Backend nocode
Class 02 - Google Sheets Integration
Class 03 - Xano Registration
Class 04 - GET call view workouts
Class 05 – POST call add exercises
Class 06 - PUT Call Update data
Class 07 - DELETE call 
Class 08 - Login
Class 09 - Sign up
Class 10 - Authentication
Class 11 - Logout 
Lesson 12 - Image manipulation
Class 13 - User image association
Class 14 - Finalization and challenge

Lesson 01 - Introduction to NoSQL and Firebase
Lesson 02 - Getting to know Firebase
Lesson 03 - Connection with AppGyver
Class 04 - POST and DELTE
Class 05 - Complete CRUD in the App
Class 06 - Uploading images
Lesson 07 - Associate images to the task
Class 08 - Offline Integration
Class 09 - Login
Class 10 - Sing in and Logout
Lesson 11 - Publishing the application
Class 12 - Finalization

Official No-Code Start-Up community, ideal for:

  • Clear your doubts about the course;
  • General questions about AppGyver and no-code;
  • Network with people from the no-code world;
  • Answer your questions about business, startups, SaaS (software as a service) and entrepreneurship;
  • Make partnerships;
  • Close contact with Matheus.
AppGyver Community

It does not stop there...

Exclusive access to Open No-Code

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artificial intelligence

Access to AppGyver.AI

Bubble Artificial Intelligence from No-Code Start-Up

Certificate of completion

In doubt about the quality of our content?

See our feedback from our students

Didactic and high quality content delivery

Who will be your mentor on this journey:

Matheus Castelo No Code FlutterFlow

Matheus Castelo

Graduated in Engineering, he has already ventured into the world of code as a Data Scientist. After creating his own startup, he marveled at the power of no-code, specializing in no-code tools like AppGyver.

In August, it won the world award for the no-code app challenge, created by SAP and AppGyver.

He has a great passion for teaching and helping people.

What our students are saying

Development in code

AppGyver Fundamentals

Learn the basics of app development and master best practices

Development in code

Design Fundamentals

Learn basic UX/UI concepts essential for app development

Bubble course in code

Integrations via API's

Master the fundamentals of API integrations and build more complex apps

FlutterFlow course in code

advanced backend

Master the use of advanced backends to scale your apps.

Recognition on the official AppGyver website

appgyver no code matheus castle

Of the start up your no-code journey and surf this revolution

AppGyver course on code startup

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Community and helpful support

Immediate access to content

7 days warranty

Common questions

The AppGyver course is for anyone wanting to take their first steps with no-code or for those wanting to take their AppGyver knowledge to the next level.

By subscribing to the training you will have immediate access to the classes. 

There are more than 11 hours of videos, with structured classes taught by Matheus Castelo. (See class details here)

In addition, you will have access to the support group on the Discord platform.

No prior knowledge is required for the course.

no-code tools have interfaces designed so that anyone can use them.

Yes, you have a 7-day guarantee to try the course.

If you understand that it was not what you were expecting, you can request a refund through the platform.

Payments can be made via PIX, credit card or bank slip.

Credit card installments up to 12 installments.

Currently, the investment is R$247 in cash.

Without a doubt, we will soon increase this value.

The time is now

The revolution is already happening.

In your place, I wouldn't be left out...

“Why in today's worlds are people expected to learn and speak the language of computers?
Shouldn't computers learn to speak our language instead?

– Emmanuel Straschnov

No Code Startup Bubble

Matheus Castelo and Neto Camarano

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