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The future is technology!

However, only 0.3% of the population knows how to program. Imagine if only 0.3% of the population knew how to read and write. What would be the impact of that?

high demand

Demand for programmers continues to grow

High cost

Development costs have never been higher

immediate need

Thousands of companies urgently need to solve this problem

This opens the doors to No-Code Revolution

Innovative platforms allow the creation of applications in a visual way (without code), with greater agility and saving money for all parties.

visual development

visual development

Develop applications and systems without needing to know how to program

Create 10x faster

Create 10x faster

Learn to develop in days and not months, as with code development

Resource saving

Resource saving

Time is money, create more with less and maximize your results

See all the opportunities you will have when learning no-code

Embark on this journey
No Code Startup Bubble

All this working from home in a sector where reality is already the home office

The time is now

No-code is already the present,
see some market data:


This is the average salary of a No-Code developer.

- Search Source Code 2023


of technology products and services will be built by non-technology professionals by 2026.

- Gartner Consulting

companies that already use no-code

It's time for you to take advantage of this great opportunity

Learn no-code in the best way possible

The only FlutterFlow training you will ever need

FlutterFlow Training | No-Code Start-Up

The method

The tool

Learn through trails

Complete FlutterFlow Training

With more than 50 hours, create projects with one of the fastest growing no-code tools on the market. With FlutterFlow you can create native apps for web and mobile, having access to the source code. See some of the projects developed:

Delivery Application

Learn how to create an app with a product list and payment checkout.

EAD Courses Application

Learn how to create an Online Courses app for students to access with Supabase.

SaaS Multi Company CRM Application

App created from scratch, with Dashboard, Kanban and employee management by the company.

Scheduling App

Make your own calendar app with calendar date reservation.

Create any type of application with no-code

Apps that you can create with the training lessons learned

NoCode StartUp training courses are structured and designed with the aim of giving you the necessary foundation to create the application you want

Ecommerce Apps

Virtual stores with shopping cart

Marketplace Platforms

Website such as OLX or Mercado Livre

Social media

Create your own social network like Facebook

apps with AI

Create connected systems with Artificial Intelligence

Scheduling Systems

Apps with Calendar Function and reservation of dates

Finance Apps

Systems like financial calculations

Apps with APIs

Integrate other platforms via API

Content Systems (CMS)

Content management platforms

Inside the training | Complete FlutterFLow Course

FlutterFlow from AZ

FlutterFlow course with more than 30 hours of strategically designed content and everything step by step to accelerate your evolution in the world of no-code and FlutterFlow

Embark on this journey

FlutterFlow fundamentals

Learn the basics of app development and master best practices

Design Fundamentals

Learn basic UX/UI concepts essential for app development

Integrations via API's

Master the fundamentals of API's integrations and build more complex apps

advanced backend

Master the use of backends and NoSQL to scale your apps.

flutterflow from scratch

Fundamentals and Good Practices

Here we will see all the best practices for you to build your application from scratch, you will learn the fundamentals of Design and Database

Complete app from scratch - multi-user with login

Dream App

We will create a Dreams app where you will learn how to create screens from scratch and connect to the database following best practices.

app api on flutterflow

APIs and Screen Design

APIs with Super Hero App

In this App you will learn everything about APIs, you will learn from scratch:

checkout, cart and payments

delivery app

We will make an Ifood style delivery app step by step, in this app we will learn:

apis and payments - stripe, asaas and Mercado Pago

Payments and Subscriptions

Understand step by step how to implement payments and subscriptions within your application

Operations with dates

Scheduling App

We will create a scheduling app from scratch within FlutterFlow


Create a Responsive Web App from Scratch

Super Launch

EAD Course Platform with Supabase

This is just one of many other apps that you will create in FlutterFlow Training

Complete supabase and sql course

EAD Course Platform

More than 70 classes on Supabase, from zero to advanced where we will create an online EAD Course Platform.

Unlimited Learning

FlutterFlow Course Modules

Attention: As new Modules are released the price will go up.

  • Introduction
  • The Power of FlutterFlow
  • Getting to know the Platform
  • Layout Principles
  • Database Setup
  • Zero's Screen Design
  • Best Backend on the Market
  • Database Operations
  • Complete App Planning
  • Planning methodology
  • Creation of all screens from scratch
  • Conditional visibility
  • Popup
  • Database Setup
  • Backend Connection
  • Full CRUD
  • Login, Registration and Logout
  • Making the App Multi-User
  • Publishing the app to the web
  • Publishing the app on your cell phone

3.1 – Presentation of the App
3.2 - Screen Design
3.3 – Setup API and Json Path
3.4.1 – Pulling data from the API
3.4.2 – Ending the Hero screen
3.5 – Search function in the API
3.6 – Dark Mode

4.1 – App Presentation
4.2 – Screens and Firebase Setup
4.3 - Screen Design
4.4 – Creation of the database
4.5.1 – View restaurants
4.5.2 – View dishes
4.6 - Cart operations
4.7 - Delivery End with API via CEP
4.8 – In-App Payments

5.1 – Responsive Web App Presentation
5.2 – Complete Design Planning
5.3 - Responsiveness with Wrap, Duplication and Conditionals
5.4 – Design System in FlutterFlow
5.5 – Desktop Menu, reduced menu and for Tablet
5.6 – Dashboard (Desktop)
5.7 - Action to reduce Menu
5.8 - Responsive Table
5.9 – Graph in FlutterFlow
5.10 – Dashboard (Tablet and Cell Phone)
5.11 – Pop ups and bottom sheet
5.12 – Hamburger Menu with Drawer
5.13 - Responsive Kanban Board
5.14 – Action to Reduce Menu
5.15 – My Team
5.16 – Animations in FlutterFlow
5.17 - Login and Registration Screen
5.18 – Web Publication
5.19 – Light and Dark Mode

In this module we will connect all intelligence in the Web App we build. 

We will connect the frontend with the backend (Firebase) and bring our Web App CRM – Multi Empresa to life.

We will create from scratch features like:
– Complete Planning User Flow on Screens;
– NoSQL Database Modeling in Firebase;
– Creation, edition and management of Leads;
– Counting and summing of leads by stage and by employee;
– Employee management and invitation of new members to your company
– New company and Administrator onboarding

  • Functioning of FlutterFlow security;

  • How to work with Firebase Security Rules;

  • How to publish on the Web with your own domain;

  • How to have your own app with PWA;

  • How to Publish in Official Stores.

Learn how to connect with different payment gateways like:

Stripe, AsaaS and Mercado Pago to receive timely payments and Subscriptions.

Build Apps with Supabase Backend, one of the best SQL backends today

Supabase from scratch to advanced.

Learn from 70+ Supabase lessons

Learn how to do date operations.

  • Create new calendars
  • Carry out the reservation process
  • Administrative management of reserves



AI-enabled apps + GPT Chat

It does not stop there...

Super Community at/low-code

Exclusive access to Open No-Code

Official No-Code Start-Up community, ideal for:

FlutterFlow Community

Integrated learning

Learn other tools

Learn many no-code tools in the same place, such as:

flutterflow artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

Access to FlutterFlow.AI

No-Code Start-Up's FlutterFlow Artificial Intelligence

Unique opportunities will be passed on to students

Certificate of completion

Get your Training certificate | FlutterFlow Course

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See our feedback from our students

Who will be your mentor on this journey:

flutterflow mentor

Learn from someone internationally recognized

Known as “Castelo”, he is an engineer and has already ventured into the world of code as a Data Scientist.

After creating his own startup, he was amazed by the power of no-code, specializing in tools like Bubble and FlutterFlow.

In February 2023, he won first place in FlutterFlow's international challenge to create an innovative app.

In April, it was announced as one of the World Ambassadors for the FlutterFlow Platform. In September he was announced as Educator of the Year on the FlutterFlow Platform.

nocode startup FlutterFlow

Start your no-code journey and embark on this revolution

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The FlutterFlow course is for anyone who wants to get started with no-code or for those who want to take their FlutterFlow knowledge to the next level and build robust cross-platform applications.

By subscribing to the training you will have immediate access to the classes. 

There are more than 12 hours of videos, with classes structured and taught by Matheus Castelo. (See class details here)

In addition, you will have access to the support group on the Discord platform.

No prior knowledge is required for the course.

no-code tools have interfaces designed so that anyone can use them.

Yes, you have a 7-day guarantee to try the course.

If you understand that it was not what you were expecting, you can request a refund through the platform.

Payments can be made via PIX, credit card or bank slip.

Credit card installments up to 12 installments.

The amount is R$497, and can be paid using PIX, credit card or bank slip.

It is possible to pay in up to 12 installments on the card with interest. 

No Code Startup Bubble

Why in today's world are people expected to learn and speak the language of computers?
Instead, shouldn't computers learn to speak our language?"

– Emmanuel Straschnov

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