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Bubble No Code Startup course

Get access to Bubble Formation with 40% discount, Offer valid at that time only.

nocode fundamentals

Have Frontend and Backend in the same Project

Bubble offers frontend and backend technology in the same development environment.

tools no code apps no code

Build Basically Any App

Bubble is the biggest nocode tool in the current market, create any kind of app.

what is low-code?

Create Responsive and Scalable Web Apps

Make responsive web apps for desktop and mobile with high performance and scalability.

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Inside the training

bubble from az

Over 20 hours of strategically thought out content and everything step by step to accelerate your evolution in the no-code world and Bubble.

Embark on this journey

Fundamentals and Good Practices Bubble

Learn the basics of app development and master best practices

Fundamentals and Good Design Practices

Learn basic UX/UI concepts essential for app development

Database Modeling and Security

Master advanced database, performance, and security concepts in Bubble

advanced backend

Master the use of frontend and backends to scale your apps with high performance

Bubble Course

my first super app

Book App

This app is perfect for you to take your first steps in Bubble and get to know the tool, see below what you will learn:

Fundamentals & Multiusers

Social Network App

We will create a Social Network of Books, where the user will be able to manage his books and follow other friends in the Feed.

design and responsiveness

landing page

Here we will learn everything about design and create a Responsive Landing Page from scratch, step by step.

application planning

Project Management App SaaS Multi companies (1/3)

Here you will learn in detail how to plan your project application.

Dashboard design and navigation

Project Management App SaaS Multi companies (2/3)

We will do step by step the responsive design of a dashboard system for our SaaS

Intelligence, Security and Deployment

Project Management App SaaS Multi companies (3/3)

Learn how to create a high-performance and secure app when it goes live

It does not stop there...

Atomic Fusion Bubble io

Exclusive bubble formation bonus

Atomic Fusion

The best and most advanced Bubble extension is partnered with No-Code Start-Up

Students are entitled to:

1 Month of unlimited access to the platform
1 Coupon of 25% discount

(Bonus equivalent to ~R$300)

Who will be your mentor on this journey:

Learn from an expert in the field

Being fascinated by entrepreneurship, when I met no-code, it was as if a new world of possibilities and opportunities had opened up, I had no doubts and I fell headlong into this universe.

Bubble expert, I've been translating my years of experience with consulting, management and entrepreneurship to the worlds of technology and no-code.

In March 2023 it was the first place winner of the best app contest organized by Bubble io. Fortunately, this will be the app that you will learn to do step here in Training.

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