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What is needed to create an application in code

What is needed to create an application?

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With the technology already installed and consolidated in today's society, the interest and need for the development of apps has been growing. With that, many seek to know what is needed to create an application, given the relevance that applications have today in our daily lives.

The use of applications in everyday life through smartphones, smartwatches and SmartTvs the demand for the development of APP's has increased, as they are being used to supply basically all of our needs.

Thus, if you seek knowledge about what is needed to create an application, whether to meet your need or even to enter the technology market , this is the right article for you.

What is needed to create an application in code

After all, what does it take to create an application?

It's good that you know right away that developing apps is not easy and requires long hours of work, so let's get into it what is needed to create an application so you understand how to make one.

Of course, depending on the functionalities and complexities of the application you intend to build, there may be other requirements, but in this text we will cover the basic knowledge for creating an APP.

development skill

The first requirement on what is needed to create an application it's technology creation skills, because as already briefly exposed, an APP is a software that can work on computers and cell phones.

Most companies create applications using programming languages. The main programming skills for this project are:

  • Java, JavaScript or Kotlin for Android;
  • Swift or Objective-C for IOS;
  • C and C++ language, CSS, Python or HTML5 Platform;
  • Frameworks;
  • Database;
  • Knowledge of IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) and SDK (Software Development Kit);

The list above are just some of the main ones, because as said, everything will depend on how you intend to develop your application.

However, the good news is that nowadays knowing how to program is not a mandatory requirement to create applications. 

Today everyone can create apps and softwares through no-code tools, where no programming languages are needed. 

know more about what is no-code in our article. 

design skill 

The second requirement on the necessary for create an application. is the design skill, this is an essential skill for developing an application with good interface and usability.

Knowledge about design helps to structure your application, making your program much more intuitive to users and that will help with the look of the APP. 

To obtain or improve this knowledge, you can take courses related to web design and UX (user experience), which will undoubtedly facilitate the development of the application layout.

business skill

Not less important than the technical skills for creating the application itself, for your application to be successful, it needs to solve a real and relevant problem in society.

Knowing how to identify and validate a problem is a complex skill, which takes time and requires due attention.

This is one of the main reasons for an application or business not to go forward.

Options for developing your application

Today there are several ways to create an app. Clearly, to develop your application, you can turn to professionals from different areas to support you partially or fully in the development of the application.

Or you can also choose to hire companies specialized in application development that will have all the necessary resources to meet all demands, whether of high or low complexity, but at a higher cost.

Finally, you can choose to develop this application yourself, either via code or using technologies in the code. 

Depending on the complexity of the app, within a few weeks and with access to the right knowledge, you can get this app idea off the ground yourself.

Tips for creating an app 

Now that you know what is needed to create an application and you've already analyzed that you have everything you need to start developing yours, follow some of our tips that will help you during this process:

  1. Define very well the problem that the application seeks to solve and know its user;
  2. Make the application project approaching your objective, necessary team already divided; budget and the whole plan until its release;
  3. Structure your app's business model. What problem does it solve and how will it be a monetization model? 
  4. Study the best functionality options for it to reach the proposed objective;
  5. Choose how it will be developed, will it be native, webapp or hybrid?

The tips above will undoubtedly help you when starting your app development project.

What is needed to create an app

1. Development skills;
2. Design skill;
3. Business Skills;

What options do I have for creating an app

1. Hire self-employed professionals to fully or partially support the development;
2. Hire specialized companies;
3. Develop on your own using code;
4. Develop on your own using no-code tools (no code required);

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