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FlutterFlow | The revolution in creating apps nocode

Flutterflow is definitely one of the best tools to create native apps without knowing how to program.

That no-code tool has been rapidly growing in the market, with dozens of updates and improvements every month.

It allows you to create complex apps with an amazing design, quickly and through one of the frameworks to create the most famous applications today – Flutter. 

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What is FlutterFlow?

Flutterflow is a tool for creating native applications in the drag and drop model, that is, you create your app from ready-made components and insert logic into it.

no-code FlutterFlow Tool

The platform is built on the basis of Flutter Framework, created by Google that uses the language of dart programming. Flutter is used to build native Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and web apps as well.

Flutter is a technology for creating applications that has grown rapidly in recent years. Below is a graph that shows the evolution of % questions about Flutter in the Stack Overflow, platform where users ask questions about technologies.

Growth of Flutter questions on Stack Overflow

Flutterflow has every part of the UI builder and business logic, however to build complete applications you must connect with an external backend tool.

  • FF has native integration with firebase, which is a noSQL database;
  • Has native integration with Supabase, nocode PostgreSQL backend;
  • Also you can connect with any other bank through API
    • Be it nocode: Airtable, Xano or even spreadsheets (logos animation)
    • Or databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

What are the main features of Flutterflow?

  • Integrate database and API easily;
  • Establish complex actions flow, such as login;
  • Create web apps and publish them on your own domain;
  • Create custom animations;
  • Create shared projects in teams;
  • Leave your app in several languages.

FlutterFlow Differentials 

One of Flutterflow's biggest differentials is its ready-made templates, which will save you a lot of time. In addition to ready-to-use components, FlutterFlow offers a Marketplace of developers who build the app and provide download availability.

In the Marketplace there are numerous projects ready to be used in your own application. 

Another big difference with FlutterFlow is that you will have ownership over the code. That's right! After creating your app, you will have access to the code and you can customize it or pass it on to your team of programmers.


This is a big plus as with most nocode tools you don't have the power to download the code.

Difficulties of this nocode tool

Low Code

A barrier to entry for Flutterflow is that it can be considered a low code tool, that is, at times we will need to tinker a little with the code. Although this scares beginners a little, the use of code makes the tool even more powerful as it is possible to customize it however you want.


The fact of connecting with another backend needs the minimum learning and sometimes it can be a little more difficult in the beginning, because using tools in SQL like firebase can confuse the head a little.

More mobile-first focused

In general, FF is focused on mobile first. The tool already provides web publishing, however for web-only projects other tools like Bubble io may be more suitable at the moment.

FlutterFlow Values 

FlutterFlow offers several plans The free plan is quite comprehensive, as it is possible to create your application and screens, connect with firebase and use 2 API calls. 

However, paid plans are required to be able to download your code and access other features, such as premium support and app translation into several languages.

flutterflow values

How to make money creating apps

To earn money from apps, you can:

  • Work as a freelancer creating native apps;
  • Create a software application development house;
  • Create your Micro SaaS;
  • Take your idea off paper and bring your Startup to life.

If you want to know how to make money on the internet by creating apps without programming, see this full content on our blog.

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flutterflow course

Conclusion on FlutterFlow

This no-code tool is one of the most promising tools for the coming years, with which it will be possible to build elaborate applications very quickly.

Flutterflow is evolving pretty fast and the development team is bringing new features every week. Surely the tool will be great in the future.

If you want to specialize even more in the tool, we have our FlutterFlow No-Code Start-Up Training.

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