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We, from No Code Startup, we are committed to Privacy and Data Protection! Because of this, we are committed to acting ethically and legally, following the best Information Security guidelines and respecting the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD). 

Our priority is to ensure that all customers, partners and third parties who interact with No Code Startup are safe.  

To this end, we have several Compliance and Data Privacy Policies, as well as investing in the training of our employees, seeking to create an organizational structure of high quality and efficiency. 

We want to offer you the best service possible while protecting your personal data responsibly.

We understand that Privacy is a fundamental issue, and we take it seriously. We want you to feel safe and confident when interacting with us, knowing that your data is protected and that we are committed to maintaining a relationship of mutual trust. We are here to take care of your personal data in the best way possible.

Whose personal data does NoCode StartUp hold?

We have personal information from two main data holders: Customers (remembering that, in the case of a Legal Entity, we are referring to the personal data of the legal representative) and our Employees. 

Why does NoCode StartUp use personal data?

We need the personal data of customers and our partners to consolidate our relationship, formalize contracts and send advertising articles to those who wish, as well as to respond and maintain contact with those who search for us on the website or social networks.

Because of this, we work day and night to offer you the best product and the best service experience, to guarantee complete satisfaction. 

When we talk about privacy protection, this involves a commitment to the security of your data and respect for your privacy, but also a commitment from us that you are in control of your personal information.

If you are already our partner or customer, also access our PRIVACY NOTICE.

What will the future of programming look like?

What are your rights and how to request them?

With the No Code Startup you have your rights fully guaranteed! According to the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD), data subjects may request a series of information.

To guarantee your rights, we created the email [email protected], so that you can contact our person responsible for processing personal data!

Additionally, you can request information and rights directly through our Holder Request form.


Talk to us

To speak to a representative of No Code Startup It's very simple, just get in touch directly with our service channel available on our website or directly with our privacy leader (data manager), via email: [email protected].

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