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7 Amazing Apps Created with FlutterFlow

Many people doubt the power of no-code to create apps, but know that with no-code it is possible to build robust, secure and scalable applications.

In this text I bring 7 incredible applications created with FlutterFlow, you will understand examples of projects to be created 100% with no-code.

Check out the full video.

7 – Giftit

App to discover your friend or family member's favorite gift (secretly).

The app also uses Artificial Intelligence to communicate with other users.

Find out everything about Giftit.

6 – Smart Watch App

Health control application made with FlutterFlow, 100% for Smart Watches.

Find out more about the smart watch app.

5 – Coin App

App created in FlutterFlow to control personal finances.

Test the app on your own device – Coin App.

4 – PlayerFinder

Application to find different player profiles in your online game.

See more about the app here.

3 – Tagalong

Application to find high performance Coach.

Discover this App made with Flutterflow – Tagalong.

2 – Atlas

Credit management application.

See the official website of the Atlas.

1 – AB Money Meditation

Mental health and meditation app.

Application with more than 250,000 users. This app won FlutterFlow App of the Year.

See the App on the official App Store – AB Money Meditation.

How to learn FlutterFlow?

If you want to learn FlutterFlow, check out our Complete FlutterFlow course.

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