How to create a SaaS Multi Company with FlutterFlow without programming

Having a SaaS Multi Company is one of the best ways to make money on the internet with technology. However, creating a project from scratch can be time-consuming and tiring.

But with no-code anything is possible!

We can create multi-user, multi-company applications in a matter of weeks.

In this content I will go over the essential steps for you to create your first Multi Company project using FlutterFlow.

You will learn how to create the foundation for your app in addition to important features, such as user roles and inviting new members to the company. Ready to create your first SaaS multi company?

See more in our full video

How to create a multi-company SaaA

The first thing is to follow a methodology for creation, here at No-Code Start-Up we recommend following the methodology to create any application

First understand the problem and design the solution to that problem, then it is necessary to plan the database and design the App.

More tips for you to create your SaaS Multi Company

  • Defined system design and requirements
  • Model the database
  • Define user roles
  • Define the onboarding process for new users

For more content, see our full video or access our flutterflow course complete to learn step by step.

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