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Dashboard Bubble io | How to create a dashboard for your SaaS [Video]

How to develop a dashboard in bubble io style SaaS multi-company systems with side menu, submenus and using URL for navigation.

In this video tutorial we will explore the development of one of the most common and requested types of applications.

A responsive 100% administrative dashboard for multi-enterprise SaaS systems will be developed.

We will learn to build the side menu with menus and submenus using option sets for this construction, a good development practice with Bubble io.

We'll also learn how to use the URL to navigate through all the application's contents.

Undoubtedly the most complete tutorial on Bubble that you will find on YouTube.

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Dashboard Bubble io

Dashboards and dashboards are one of the most common structures in applications, especially when we are talking about multi-enterprise SaaS applications.

There are several ways to build a Dashboard in Bubble io, here I will show you the way I think is most suitable for your construction.

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