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Function Calling: Unlock the Power of AI in Your Apps

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Did you know that it is possible to supercharge your applications with the power of Artificial intelligence? In this article, we'll explore how Function Calling can open up a world of possibilities, from sending emails to accessing personal databases and fetching real-time data. Get ready to find out how to integrate AI in your projects and unlock the full potential of your creations.

Limitations of LLM models

Limitations of llm models for function calling

These models often face challenges in accessing up-to-date data, performing real-time queries, and performing specific actions. For example, the difficulty in accessing information such as the current weather in a certain city or the current currency exchange rate. Understanding these limitations is crucial to understanding the need to use functions to overcome such obstacles and unlock a wide range of possibilities in integrating AI into applications.

Defining Function Calling

image showing definition of function calling

Function Calling is the ability to call a function and manipulate structured data from natural language. For example, when sending text to GPT, it determines whether the question requires a function call. Then, an API is triggered to execute the function and return the response to the user. This allows the conversion of unstructured data into structured data, enabling the execution of specific functions.


image showing gpts from chatgpt

Firstly, use a GPT from OpenAI (premium plan required) would be the easiest option to perform your functions, visually and using a tool and UI that we are already used to, such as chatGPT.

OpenAI API and wizards

image showing chatgpt API and assistants

Likewise, a second and third option would also be using the OpenAI ecosystem, as it also offers the ability to make API calls through chat completion, allowing data to be obtained through functions. Additionally, the platform offers the creation of personalized assistants, such as a travel advisor, providing a variety of functionalities similar to creating GPTs.

Google Gemini

google gemini interface

Likewise, Google Gemini also offers function execution, with explanatory videos available in the documentation to guide users on how to perform function calls. The platform follows a standard in the JSON file to pass the instructions necessary to execute the functions, providing a clear and standardized approach to using the available features.

Anthropic Claude

anthropic claude interface

Lastly, Claude from Anthropic is another tool that allows us to do function calling. In our training, we offer a detailed approach to how to use Anthropic Claude to unlock the potential of functions in a meaningful way.

Whatsapp example with Function Calling

example of an application with WhatsApp integrated with AI with calling function

So, a practical example of the power of enabling functions is the integration of WhatsApp with running functions in a personal database, such as a spreadsheet. Immediately after sending a question via WhatsApp, such as the amount spent on education in a given month, it is possible to activate an action to access and consult the database, providing relevant information. This integration is carried out through tools such as Make and Integromat, which allow the connection between applications and the activation of Function Calling effectively.

Step by Step – Function Calling

Finally, do you want to see a step-by-step guide with a detailed explanation of how function calling works and how it can help you in your application? Watch our full video on YouTube.

image showing a step by step of function calling

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