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How to create AI applications without knowing how to program

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Artificial intelligence tools (AI) are becoming increasingly present in people's daily lives. And why would this be different in the no code universe? 

In truth, AI makes the work of programming in code even easier and faster. If you create an application with templates It was already a revolution, imagine creating it with just a text command. Or thinking about the future, imagine creating a complete and robust app with just a voice command.

It sounds like science fiction, but it's not. This reality is closer than you imagine! If you want to know how to create applications with AI and make your process even easier, you've come to the right place. In this content, you will learn what a no-code AI app is and how to create an app without knowing how to program. 

At the end of the text, you will be ready to take the first steps in creating your AI app and stand out in the market. Good reading!

What is a no code AI app?

A no-code AI app is the future of programming happening before our eyes. An AI application is one that uses artificial intelligence to perform some function, for example:

  • Voice recognition;
  • Image classification;
  • Demand forecast;
  • Chatbot;
  • Product recommendation.

A no-code AI app will include this same definition, with just one change: it will be created without using code. Instead, the app is built using no code or low code platforms, which allow you to develop applications in a visual and intuitive way, dragging and dropping elements onto the screen. 

Why create an AI app without using code?

It was easy to understand what an AI no code app is, right? But you may be wondering why this is. After all, if programming in code is already so simple, why want to simplify it even more? 

There are a few reasons for this, see:

Reduces launch time

To create a no-code app with the help of artificial intelligence, all you need is to write good commands. After the platform delivers the app, some fine adjustments will certainly be necessary, as the technology is still evolving. 

But that It greatly reduces the time it would take to create an app. In other words, you can test your idea, validate your product and reach your audience more quickly, gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Increases efficiency

Another advantage of creating a no-code app with the help of artificial intelligence is that you can increase your efficiency, both in creation and use. With the agility we explained above, it is possible to make adjustments and improvements to your app according to user feedback, without losing time or quality.

Reduces dependency on AI experts

Furthermore, by creating an app that has AI in its features, you can reduce dependence on experts in this area. These professionals are scarce and expensive on the market. 

With AI tools that facilitate the integration of functions performed by intelligent algorithms, you can create your app without having to hire or consult these professionals, saving resources and avoiding bottlenecks.

Open customization options

Creating an AI app without using code also opens up customization options. You can adapt the app to your needs and preferences, without being limited to ready-made or standardized solutions. You can choose the AI functions that best suit your purpose.

Facilitates integration with other systems

Finally, another reason you should create AI apps with no-code tools is that it makes integration with other systems easier. That way, you can take advantage of AI in conjunction with other technologies, as cloud computing, big data, blockchain, etc. 

How to create an app without knowing how to program?

You can already imagine the answer to this question, right? 

To create an app without knowing how to program, you can use the no code and low code platforms, which facilitate the creation of applications in a visual and intuitive way, without having to write or edit lines of code. 

If you want to know how to learn to program alone, continue reading! 

There are several no code and low code platforms available on the market, each with its own characteristics, functionalities and prices. Some of the most popular are:


O FlutterFlow It is one of the most popular options on the market and also our recommendation. This platform allows the creation of native apps for iOS and Android.

It works with templates and you can create the app by dragging and dropping widgets on the screen. The difference when talking about artificial intelligence in FlutterFlow is Al Gen, the new tool that creates apps from texts.

With Al Gen, It is possible to develop a menu app for restaurants with just one sentence. Or even one that simulates other social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter). 


O Bubble is another no-code platform that creates web and mobile applications, using a graphical interface. With it, we also use the “drag and drop” model to organize the elements and define the app’s logic with visual workflows.

Bubble allows integration with AI functions, such as Synthesia AI. This tool uses artificial intelligence to create videos with anyone's face. Imagine making educational videos with the image of a superhero, for example. Or even Easter advertising videos using the bunny, the possibilities are endless.


Framer is also a no-code platform option aimed at creating UI and UX designs for any type of website. With it, you can even import Figma designs and use its tools to develop the layout.  

The focus of this platform is help teams build better products and it does this through a system of collaboration and sharing of projects in real time. Framer lets you leave comments and respond feedbacks directly on the canvas. 

Integration with other AI platforms is another possibility, just like the previous two tools. 

Make Integromat

Unlike other iPaaS platforms, Make Integromat is intuitive and linear. With it, you can connect applications and design workflows in a simple way. Plus, it lets you manage content for your blog posts, job listings, and marketing pages with the built-in CMS. 

If you want to know more about these platforms and become a no-code expert, access our complete training and discover the options! We have complete courses on FlutterFlow, Bubble, Framer and Make Integromat. Don't be left out!

How to integrate AI into a no code app 

It is already clear how AI can bring numerous benefits to applications. Fortunately, with these tools we explained above and a lot of creativity, anyone can integrate AI into a app no code

We have selected some of the most popular artificial intelligences and will show you in practice how their integration into apps code can be interesting for you. Continue reading!


O ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot from the company OpenAI, which uses natural language processing (NLP). It is certainly the most famous AI to emerge in recent years and you can implement it in your app created in FlutterFlow

You can, for example, create a conversation app with the chatbot for a company that sells beauty products. In it, you can configure answers related to frequently asked questions about the best-selling products. To do this, you need to integrate the app with the OpenAI ChatGPT API, using the FlutterFlow API widget. 


Gemini (formerly Bard) is an AI-assisted writing tool from Google that works with text commands. Now imagine integrating it into an app developed with Bubble.

You can create a creative writing app for writers in which the user types a command, such as “create a creative title for a text about AI” and receive an immediate suggestion. To do this, just use the Gemini plugin on Bubble.


Dall-e is among the best artificial intelligence tools current. It can create realistic and artistic images from a description. Its language model is the same as ChatGPT, but it is trained on a large dataset of text-image pairs. 

Dall-e integration can be done with Framer, for example. You can develop an image generating website using these two tools. 


Voiceflow is a chatbot and voice assistant developer that creates great conversational experiences. Now, Think about what an integration between Voiceflow and Make Integromat would be like. 

An example would be the creation of a chatbot aimed at hotel reservations. Voiceflow can listen and understand user requests. Then, send this data to Make Integromat and a workflow will be developed from there. Pretty cool huh?

Learn to program with No-Code!

Creating an AI application without knowing how to program is possible thanks to no-code platforms. So, if you want to learn more about these platforms and how to enter the programming market, No-Code Start-Up is the ideal place. 

Enroll now in a course at code and start building your AI app today. Let's enjoy this wave of code together!

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