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How to learn to program alone and be a professional?

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In an increasingly digital world, programming has become one of the professional areas most valued by the market. Through it, it is possible to “bring to life” the technological solutions that make our daily lives so much easier.

What used to be a specialized skill restricted to a few professionals is now a affordable opportunity to all interested parties. Thanks to available online resources such as programming courses and no-code tools, it is possible to study alone.

Translated into Portuguese, no-code means no code. In the area of technology, it represents the possibility of develop applications, softwares and systems through visual interfaces, without the need to use programming code.

In addition to simplifying the work, the no-code opens the doors to a market that faces a lack of qualified labor for those who want to enter the area more quickly, while maintaining the quality of deliveries.

Want to know more about how to teach yourself to program? Start your journey by reading this content!

You can learn to program yourself

Learning to program alone is completely possible and viable. To do this, it is important:

  • Have an interest in the area;
  • Search for information on reliable websites;
  • Organize a study routine;
  • Be disciplined.

It doesn't matter if you are a student who already wants to enter the technology market, a professional looking for a career transition or simply someone curious who wants to put a good idea into practice: Learning tools are at your fingertips.

Next, we will give you some guidance to get you started. future of programming!

The best tips for you to learn to program alone

When someone dedicates themselves to studies on their own, it is possible increase yield and make the most of the material used by following some simple guidelines:

Make your study plan

Start by creating a study plan with clear, achievable short- and long-term goals. This will help you stay focused and measure progress..

Planning is also a way of not putting pressure on yourself or failing to commit enough to achieve good results. 

Study programming logic

Programming logic consists of a sequence of rules, concepts and instructions for an application or software to perform a specific task, aimed at solving problems.

Because it is considered the foundation of programming work, it is necessary to dedicate your study time to learning about the area. On the internet, you can find courses and tutorials on the subject.

To make a good choice, look for recommendations on best programming courses. There are short-term options that can make all the difference to your learning journey.

Choose a language to start studying

There are different languages used in programming. Among the most common are:

  • Python: created by Guido Van Rossum, it is one of the most popular and influential languages in the programming community, used in web applications, softwares development, among others.
  • Java: Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, it became popular due to its versatility, which allows it to be used in different contexts and platforms.
  • JavaScript: It is a high-level scripting language that guarantees greater interactivity to internet pages.

Choose one of these languages assists in directing studies and exchanging information with the programming community.

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Study a framework of this language

After choosing the language, it is necessary to study its framework. The term can be translated as structure and, in practice, it is a group of ready-made codes that operate specific functionalities. 

Use no-code tools

no-code tools are options for creating applications and softwares through visual programming. Among the alternatives are:

The use of no-code tools ensures autonomy and greater agility for the programmer's work.

Develop your English

Although programming is a universal language, there are many materials available in English. Knowledge of the language favors access to resources and expansion of learning.

Advantages of learning to program alone

Now that you know that it is possible to learn to program on your own, you may be wondering: but is it worth it? 

The answer is: absolutely! Below, we present the main advantages of starting now:

Market is up there

The technology sector is experiencing a period of expansion, but finding qualified labor has been challenging. Because of this, the job market is booming with a high demand for programmers.

You can work in different sectors

It’s not just the technology sector that employs programmers. Different organizations, public and private, need professionals to create softwares and apps, web and mobile development, data analysis, among other activities.

You can be self-employed

For those looking for the alternative of working on their own, programming also offers the possibility. It is possible to work as a consultant or service provider, which provides greater flexibility in working hours. Not to mention the possibility of testing ideas by building your own MVP – Minimum Viable Product.

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Tips for being a successful programmer

Entering the market is not enough. You need to have the difference to stand out and, thus, achieve the desired success. But how to do this? Check out our tips:

Study, study and study

Programming is a dynamic and constantly evolving field of study. Therefore, anyone entering the field must be careful to always be well informed. The path to success is to keep studying.

Networking always

Have you ever heard the phrase “no man is an island”? We can adapt it for programming professionals.  

Having a network of contacts, participating in programming communities and being present at events in the area are fundamental activities for exchanging ideas, understanding the market and collaborations.

Be a problem solver

The essence of programming is solving problems. Therefore, a successful programmer must be able to analyze complex situations, detail problems and create innovative and efficient solutions.

Start programming on your own now

Don't waste any more time to start your study journey! You can start now with No-code Startup!

As FlutterFlow course, you learn how to create apps for iOS and Android without the need to use code. No prior knowledge is required and classes are free.
But if your interest is learning how to develop softwares and web applications, the bubble course is the most recommended. Free of charge, it also offers the necessary teaching for those who are going to start studying in the area of programming.

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