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Make Integromat Tool

Make Integromat Tool | Automate and Integrate Everything

The subject today is Automations with the Make Integromat tool, one of the nocode tools most used today, but lives in the category of nocode automation tools.

Make is an automation and integration tool, also known as the “glue of the internet” because it allows for easier integration of the main internet systems.

Are you interested in learning more about automations and the Make Integromat tool? This is a complete guide to the tool.

We will discuss what automations are and what Make Integromat is, we will talk about some case uses of the tool, its cost and benefits.

And we will also make a comparison between Make, Zapier and N8N, the 3 main automation tools on the market.

So let's go, this content is awesome!

The Power of Make Integromat and Automations

Automation Creation Tool

Make Integromat is one of the most used automation tools on the market today.

Being well known in the marketing world, it is a workflow automation platform that allows perfect interconnection between a variety of applications and online services.

One of the great advantages of using Make Integromat is its wide variety of pre-ready integrations, most likely the application or system you are looking to integrate already has a native integration with Make.

This brings a lot of speed and ease to the development of automations for your business, application or whatever the reason you are using the Make tool.

All of this adds up to an extremely intuitive nocode and drag and drop interface for building flows.

How does Make Integromat work?

Analogous to every automation and workflow creation tool, make follows the logic of triggers, actions and searches.

In other words, every automation is initialized from a trigger, which can later execute actions or/and searches in some system, resulting in automation.

This flow can be an extremely simple flow, as in the example below, or extremely complex, discerned by the number of actions and searches carried out throughout the flow.

The Power of the Make Integromat Tool

What are automations?

Since we are talking about an automation tool, it is only fair that we define exactly what automations are.

Mainly because this subject can become complex when we look at the ecosystem of nocode tools we have today.

What defines a tool to be an automation tool or a backend tool?

going to the definition:

“Automations refer to the process of carrying out tasks or operations automatically, without the need for direct human intervention. These automatic tasks are generally executed based on predefined rules, specific conditions, or triggers that trigger the execution of a set of predetermined actions.”

Make Workflows Triggers and Actions

In other words, automation is nothing more than a pre-built flow of actions that lives on a server and waits for a certain trigger for it to be initialized and executed, obviously, without human intervention.

What are automations with Make

In the image above we exemplify the difference between a complete BAAS (backend as a service) system and an exclusively automation tool.

Make Integromat and Automations Use Cases

Among the main use cases of Make Integromat, we can mention:

  • Make Integromate Automations for Marketing – Drive faster growth with marketing automation
  • Make Integromate Automations for Sales – Elevate the sales cycle to close more deals quickly
  • Make Integromate Automations for Operations – Make teams and tools work together smoothly
  • Make Integromat and Automations for Customer Experience – Take better care of customers with automation
  • Make Integromat and Automations for Finance – Manage time as well as you manage money
  • Make Integromat and Automations for Information Technology – Efficiently scale and control your IT workflows
  • Make Integromat and Automations for HR – Make your human resources processes run smoothly
  • Make Integromat and Automations for Productivity – Automate busy work to focus on what matters

In the image below, you can find some of the hundreds of ready-made integrations that Make Integromat makes available, which makes it easier to imagine the possible use cases.

Make Integromat Integrations Tool

Make X Zapier X N8N

One of the biggest questions I see most when new users of nocode tools are comparisons between similar tools, we all want to learn and use the “best” tool.

But as always, each tool has its PROs and Cons, automation is no different. In the table below we compare the main automation tools on the market, Make X Zapier X N8N.

We compare these tools in categories:

  • Number of integrations
  • Ease of Use
  • Flexibility (power)
  • Values

And finally, based on these criteria and our experience, we define who, in other words, what person profile each of these tools is ideal for.

Comparison Make X Zapier X N8N

We can conclude that Make Integromat is an excellent tool and very well positioned compared to its competitors, it has thousands of pre-ready integrations and provides an excellent balance between power and ease of use at an affordable price.

Make Integromat Price and Costs

Speaking of pricing, Make Integromat charges its users based on a subscription model, taking into account factors such as the number of operations (i.e. actions performed in its automation scenarios) and the frequency of execution of these operations.

The free plan already offers a generous volume of 1000 operations per month and the other Core, PRO and Teams plans start offering 10,000 operations per month.

Make Integromat Tool Prices Values

See the website make up the updated tool plans.

How to Learn Makeup?

Implementing automation in your business is something you are looking for and it makes sense for you. Without a doubt, Make is an excellent tool to perform these functions.

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge of the Make tool and starting to create your own automations, the NoCode StartUp has a complete makeup course on your platform!

Don't forget to check it out and let's automate everything!

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