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15 examples of Micro SaaS IA that are already making money

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Introduction to Successful Microsaas

Have you ever stopped to think about how small softwares can completely change a market? Have you ever imagined making money with AI microsaas? Imagine combining this with artificial intelligence — what are the possibilities? More importantly, how are these innovations generating profits today? If these questions pique your interest, you'll like what we have next.

This article shows 15 microsaas that not only use artificial intelligence efficiently, but they are also making impressive profits. Let's explore how these tools are transforming niche markets. You'll discover platforms like Product Hunt, Indie Hackers, and that help you identify opportunities in this growing market. Plus, let's see how entrepreneurs use Twitter to showcase their successes. Get ready to discover how these AI-powered microsaas are profiting and changing the direction of their niches.

What are Microsaas and how do they benefit from AI?

Microsaas are small online systems designed to solve specific problems in well-defined niches. When combined with artificial intelligence (AI), they become even more powerful tools, capable of optimizing processes and personalizing experiences in surprising ways.

Imagine an app built for small restaurants that helps manage reservations. With AI, this system can not only organize appointments, but also predict the busiest days, suggest personalized promotions and even automatically send reminders to customers. All this without human intervention, saving time and increasing efficiency.

AI in microsaas allows for the automation of tasks that would normally be time-consuming. For example, a software that automatically analyzes and organizes emails, separating them by importance and urgency, makes everyday life easier for those who receive a lot of messages.

This combination also enhances the ability of microsaas to adapt its functionalities to user needs. With this, the systems can offer solutions that are increasingly aligned with what the customer really needs.

In short, microsaas equipped with artificial intelligence not only simplify existing processes, but also open doors to new possibilities, making businesses more agile and intelligent. The personalization and prediction capacity that AI provides is a true competitive differentiator in the current market.

Notable examples of companies making money with AI microsaas


Tool focused on the podcast niche.

Invoicing U$100 x month


Helps you prepare for AI interviews.

Invoicing US$500 x month

My Group Metrics 

This tool from Bruno Okamoto helps entrepreneurs manage their WhatsApp groups.

Invoicing R$3mil x month


Convert PDFS and documents to CVS.

Invoicing U$1000 per month


Tool that helps you create articles and blog posts automatically with AI.

Invoicing R$10mil x month

mini-course generator

Create mini courses written with AI.

Invoicing U$5,500

Learning Studio AI 

Create complete online courses with AI

Invoicing R$20 thousand x month 

Helps you create content written with AI

Invoicing R$30 thousand x month


Artificial intelligence for lawyers

Invoicing R$70 thousand x month

My James

Whatsapp agents with AI.

Invoicing R$100 thousand x month


An interface to connect multiple AI agents

Invoicing R$30 thousand x month


Turn speech into text with AI

Invoicing U$60mil x month


Boilerplate for Startups code.

Invoicing U$100 thousand x month


Create voice assistants with AI.

Received investments of U$1.8 million


Create texts for scientific research with AI

Invoicing U$500 thousand x month

Conclusion and next steps

We explore how the combination of microsaas and artificial intelligence is changing the game across multiple industries, facilitating processes and increasing profits. We saw that it is not necessary to be a technology expert to innovate and create solutions that really make a difference and to be able to make money with AI microsaas.

It's amazing to realize that anyone can turn a good idea into a profitable business., using the right tools. With the help of NocodeStartup, you have access to a world of possibilities where creating innovative applications and businesses is affordable.

Are you ready to turn your ideas into reality? With NocodeStartup courses, you learn how to use no-code and low-code tools that simplify the creation of AI-integrated microsaas. It's your chance to enter the market with a relevant product, without needing to understand programming.

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