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The Best Low Code Course: Become a unique apps developer

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The growing need for technological solutions for companies in different niches contributes to the increase in the search for professionals with development skills. When talking about the subject, many people may think of advanced techniques that require in-depth knowledge about programming with codes. 

What if I tell you that there are simpler techniques to create an app or complete software?

In reality, consultancy Gartner estimates that more than half of the applications developed by 2024 will be built using low-code and no-code platform tools to meet market demand. 

As digital transformation becomes an indispensable part of business, the ability to quickly and efficiently create software solutions is more valued. 

So, we can say that it is a good time to become a professional. Knowing how to program without the need for extensive codes, any professional can create technological solutions. 

If you are interested and want learn more about low-code, come with us to understand how to start your journey. 

We will introduce you to the main platforms to stand out in this field and show you which courses offer the necessary support to work in the area. 

Good reading! 

The low-code developer profession

low code Developer

Before going to the practical tips, we will explain what a low-code developer really does. The professional is responsible for creating effective, agile and affordable software solutions for companies from different sectors. 

And how is this done? 

Unlike traditional developers who often start from scratch and write long lines of code, In the low-code method, platforms are used to simplify the process. 

When coding is done manually, it becomes difficult to focus on anything other than its complexity. But when this part is already resolved, developers are free to focus on implementing content and solving business problems. 

There are several tools that allow you to build applications and systems with a minimum amount of manual coding. Having in-depth knowledge of traditional programming is not a requirement to use low-code and no-code platforms. 

The main difference between low-code and no-code is the level of coding knowledge required. While the former requires at least some level of basic coding skills, the no-code platforms do not require any prior knowledge.

low-code Courses: the ways to learn

Now that you understand what low and no-code developers do, let's look at practical tips on how to start your professionalization. 

Study platforms

Knowing the platforms in the area is the first step to beginning to understand this universe. Some examples of low-code tools are:

  • appian
  • Nintex
  • Mendix
  • OutSystems

The main no-code tools include: 

  • Bubble
  • FutterFlow
  • Xano
  • make up
  • Framer
  • wordpress
  • webflow
  • Softr
  • AppGyver
  • glide
  • air table
  • Zapier

Platforms provide developers with the ability to create modern and scalable solutions, without the need for specialized knowledge in programming.

Watch videos on Youtube

Do you understand a little more about the platforms, but feel like you need to deepen your knowledge? Know that YouTube is a excellent source to learn about low-code and no-code.

The channel of No-Code Start-Up offers simple and didactic information for your journey of knowledge.

Take training courses regularly

With the basic concepts of development understood, investing in a good training course is very important. There is specific training for each of these platforms and they are often available free of charge and online. 

At No-Code Start-Up, we offer introductory courses for Bubble and Futterflow. The best thing is that they are 100% free and designed for beginners. See some of the lessons you can learn from the classes: 

  • How to start creating apps on platforms;
  • apps planning;
  • Front-end design;
  • App back-end database;
  • Workflow logic (CRUD);
  • Bubble and FlutterFlow plugins;
  • DRY concept.

To deepen your knowledge, you can opt for more advanced courses, such as:

Join communities

Joining social media communities can be a great way to learn and interact with others who are on the same learning journey. There you can share experiences, ask questions and stay updated about news in the area. 

You can find these communities on networks such as:

Study English

In practice, you will notice that most resources, courses and materials on the subject are available in English. And we know this can be an impasse for many people. For this reason, we always try to bring quality content in Portuguese here on our blog. 

But to continue in the profession, it is important to have at least a basic knowledge of the language to deepen your studies and seek international opportunities. It is an essential investment. 

Advantages of taking the low-code developer course 

At this point, you may be asking yourself: “why invest in a more complete course when there are so many tutorial options on the market?” 

Certainly, tutorials are an excellent way to start your journey of knowledge into the low-code development area. However, to become a true professional and transform this practice into your career, the most robust courses are essential. Understand the reasons:

Chance for professional growth

You already know that more than half of the applications developed by 2024 will be built using no-code and low-code platform tools. So, it is logical that companies are increasingly looking for professionals who can create agile and effective solutions. 

Being a professional developer can help open countless doors, including outside the country. Several multinationals are hiring for home office jobs, and payment is in dollars. 

Have you ever thought about getting this opportunity? It is possible for those who have a complete CV and experience in the field.  

Capturing more leads

Professionalizing in the area can significantly boost lead capture. Think about the following situation: a company wants to create an interactive landing page for a specific campaign. With in-depth skills, you would not only be able to develop it quickly but also make it fully functional, interactive, and attractive to visitors.

Agility is certainly a competitive advantage and helps attract a greater number of leads. 

Broad job market

We've already talked about this, but it's worth emphasizing that the job market in the area is on the rise. So, even if you don't get a perfect job the first time, the chances of becoming unemployed are low. 

By investing in a more comprehensive course, you will be prepared to face market challenges, gain relevant positions and contribute significantly to the development of innovative solutions.

So, do you think it’s worth investing? 

Discover No-Code Start-Up’s training

No-Code Start-Up offers free Bubble and FlutterFlow courses with teaching that is always up to date and focused on your learning. 

With the right tools, knowledge and dedication, it is possible to become a successful developer! 

Don't wait any longer! Sign up for Bubble No-Code's free startup course right now. 

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